Sunday, March 20, 2011

ATT Buys TMobile for 39 Billion / Let Customers Own T Mobile

Being a T Mobile customer. This has been one of the worst news I've received in a long time.

As former customer of ATT I can state I NEVER would like to do business with them again. Their service is the Worst I've experienced in the World. Customer support is only available during business hours, and you will find your self chasing your tail trying to get support. You will always have to review your bill in order to make sure they have not overcharged you.

Most people that leave ATT, will see their bills go down at least 50 dollars per month for a similar service (this includes Verizon!). That in itself sais a lot.

I wish T Mobile would have given its customers the option of paying up 1200 dollars each to own T Mobile. The offer would be superior to ATT's and it would be all cash for Deutsche Telekom.

Deutsche Telekom is protecting is shareholder interests, but not its customers like that state on their memo. Believe us, most T Mobile customers are with T Mobile because we don't want anything to do with ATT.

If any of you would like to join in on efforts to make an alternate bid. Contact me through twitter. My nick is ViuMobile there.

Why Android has Prevailed? It provides innovating solutions!

Back in July 2010, I predicted that by Feb 2011 Android would reach Apple in the number of available apps.  Missed this target by a couple months.  That doesn't take away the fact that Android will overtake iPhone apps by a large margin this year.  Actually if the current trend persist, over 30K apps per month, Android will have added over 300K apps this year alone,  more than doubling the amount of applications iPhone has to offer, without any end in sight.

So Apple has redefined its strategy and its stating that they have better content.  Unfortunately this is another area where Apple will falter again.  The reason is simple, they are not leading in any technical aspect and they have started to follow Android's lead.  If iPhone 5 does not change this, Apple's lack of hardware/software innovation will leave them vulnerable.  Apple invented this market with a lead envied by other for over two years.  But like many large corporations it was slow to change, just as Microsoft was before it.

When the G1 came out, it had copy/paste, multitasking and other features iPhone 3G lacked.  Savvy programmers (cyanogenmod / eugen, etc) gave Android the ability to tether.  Google provided Android navigation that became a standard for most people that travel, avoiding the need for a separate device to find an address.  All this made Android popular and allowed its tide to grow.

These innovations did not exists under the iPhone ecosystem.  It took two years for Apple to catch up. This year it has finally given iPhone the ability to provide a hotspot, still a higher cost (ATT police at work!, no doubt, Verizon will follow, its lost revenue).  Apple's stance on Adobe Flash will have to change, as it only provides part of the Internet experience. This will cost Apple  lost opportunities.

Currently Android systems are being used for more than just phones.  The OS has become pervasive in all aspects of technology because of its open nature.  You already see Android on TV sets and washing machines. It wont be long before low cost Android tablets replace many auto dashboards, some with very impressive capabilities like night vision.    Android's technical lead spawns many areas beyond hardware/software, it includes more than just the smartphone/tablet markets.  This is Apple's Achilles heel.

When considering how much money and research Android has behind it, across so many manufacturers.  That tide is considerably larger than what Apple can provide on its own, even if its the most profitable business in the World.  Apple will be forced to change  its philosophy as well as business practices if it plans to be relevant long term.  The 30% cut they ask for only makes matters worse for them in the long run.

Android is not without its share of problems, mainly due to litigation from Oracle. Behind the scenes, other competitors actively pursue to topple GNU General Public License undercutting Androids roots. Android is at odds with Linux GPL term itself! Both Google and Open Handset Alliance partners have been careless in the development of current affairs.  The good news for users is that the tide is too strong and can't be derailed in the short term.

Apple has a very nice interface, but seldom provides solutions for its users. If it does, it does so at a higher cost or limitations. Android has gained acceptance and leads across all markets because it provides innovating solutions.  Android has made most of its users happy, even with its share of wrinkles.